Patriot Communications

We are a dynamic company that creates and enhances long-term residual income by marketing and managing our client’s structures for wireless, broadband, and narrowband applications.

If your rooftop has wireless antennas/equipment, we ensure your property receives fair market rent for the space being leased. Whether a management agreement in place or not, we are able to help.

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increase annual rooftop revenue management

Rooftop Revenue

Rooftop Revenue Management is a cornerstone of our service to clients to review all facets of your current contract structure and analyzing your past revenue versus opportunity as well as detail your present status and forecast it’s future potential.

Coordinate Access

We coordinate cell tower maintenance technician access based on your schedule.  We make sure you know who is working on your site and when as well as the scope of the work being performed.

Rooftop Aesthetics

We require carriers to meet specific standards and request your approval for final design.  Whenever possible we require the carrier to stealth their equipment so that it is not visible from the street.

Ongoing Support

Our work doesn’t end when we finish the initial project.  Once we enter into a working relationship, our success as a company is dependent upon the success we bring to your organization on into the future.

Allow us to analyze your current cell tower management, clean up your site, control access, and search for additional revenue opportunities.  We do not earn our revenue unless we increase yours; your investment will not cost anything.  

At no cost, we also benefit you by…

Managing your Rooftop Space

  • Coordinate technician site access based on your schedule
  • Provide technician identity and scope of work prior to arrival

Marketing Development with New Clients

  • Attract new wireless tower carriers to your rooftop space
  • Highlight your location through our straightforward approach

Maintaining Client Satisfaction

  • Require Cellular carriers to meet specific standards
  • When possible, require carriers to stealth their equipment


Providing rooftop revenue management for companies of any size.

Patriot Communications has conducted rooftop and revenue analysis for companies of any industry and are pleased to be conducting cell tower management for respected and known organizations nationwide as well as Canada.


Where We Manage Rooftops

Patriot Communications manages rooftop revenue for clients throughout the United States, including properties in Hawaii and Canada.  Clients are small independent operators to large international companies.



Rooftop Site Audit

Often, a client’s rooftop management firm isn’t fully engaged in active management. We will come and conduct a complete audit of your current situation and find missed opportunities, which may include recovery of back-rents.




Trusted Resource

We serve clients in a number of metropolitan areas, such as Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc… This allows us to focus our resources to defined demographics while also exploring other rooftop revenue opportunities for you.

A Promise You Can Trust.

Tower companies and other rooftop management companies’ work for the carriers and negotiate bulk deals where they benefit from volume, the carriers benefit from discounted rates, all at the expense of the property owner.
We work solely on behalf of the owner or management firm to negotiate the best terms possible on your behalf.  We never enter into bulk deals with the carriers and negotiate each license agreement based upon its own merits. Our sole focus is your best interest.