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Signing authorization letters or letters of consent, what’s the harm?

On a regular basis (once a month or more) we review leases, licenses, and amendments and discover that the owner of a property or the owner’s designated representative has signed a set of construction drawings. Please do not do that. Construction drawings are often 30 pages or more. They […]

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The Great War

World War I introduced the first wide scale use of new technologies, such as the machine gun, the tank, poison gas, etc. Warfare completely changed with both sides digging in and creating hundreds of miles of trenches and spending thousands of lives to gain feet, if not […]

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A guy named Fosbury

In the 1960’s, a young track and field athlete by the name of Dick Fosbury turned the track and field world on its head by being the first person to leap backwards over the high jump bar. Fosbury’s “flop” represented a complete departure from convention. We appreciate […]

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