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About Patriot Communications- Hyatt House

Patriot Communications manages commercial rooftop revenue sources with communication towers


Patriot Communications; Rooftop Management Company

Patriot Communications will work ensure your property receives fair market rent for the space being licensed to cell tower & wireless tenants.  Established in 2004, we have worked with some of the most recognizable names in the commercial and hospitality industry to increase their annual rooftop revenue streams.

Our process begins through a no-cost or obligation audit of your current rooftop dynamics and contractual structure.  Patriot Communications is able to construct a plan to efficiently organize the management of your rooftop, coordinate vendor maintenance access to your site, and uncover revenue opportunities that may not be obvious to you or your current rooftop management company.  Some organizations manage rooftop revenue but serve the cell tower owners; our client is you, the building owner.

Our clients make more money after we begin managing their rooftop, often doubling or tripling their wireless revenue. After a no-cost audit of your space, we can give you options on how to start dramatically increasing your rooftop revenue through personalized cell tower site management.

Whether you have a management agreement in place or not, we are able to help.