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A comprehensive site audit of your rooftop is conducted to examine and maximize revenue opportunities for you. This includes making sure you’ve been fairly compensated for back revenue (past), ensuring that your contracts are being executed properly and protecting your ongoing monthly income (present), and negotiating for the best terms and conditions for your space, which often results in doubling or tripling our clients future income.

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We coordinate technician access to your building rooftop based on your schedule. We make sure you know or your designated point of contact is aware of who is working on your site and when as well as providing the scope of work that will be completed.

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We require communications carriers to meet specific standards with regards to their equipment and request your approval for final design. Whenever possible we require the carrier to stealth their equipment so that it is not visible from the street.

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We attract carriers to your space by highlighting your location and through our straight forward approach to management.

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